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Fishin: Impossible is a Caltrop Core game, which means it uses a pool of 4-sided dice (d4s). This game is made to be simple to learn and simple to play. It’s designed to introduce anyone to table top role playing games (TTRPGs), no matter your age or experience level.


  • Players: 3-5
  • Time: 2-4 Hours
  • Age: 6+

What do you think your pets do when you’re not home? Have you ever daydreamed they put on an accessory, switch to an undercover persona, and solve top secret missions of their own?

In Fishin: Impossible, that daydream becomes reality! You play as the Buddies, a group of extra special aquatic creatures that usually help the secret agent Siren Squad on their Missions, but also have their own top secret work.

When they’re not on the field, the Sirens think the Buddies are resting up, just like ordinary sea creatures back at Siren HQ – but that’s not true! What do the Buddies really do while the Sirens are away on Missions? Go on Missions of their own!

Fishin: Impossible is a casual, wacky game meant to be played in a single 2 to 4 hour session of play. It’s great for anyone who wants to solve problems with the power of teamwork and learn animal facts through goofy cartoon shenanigans.

Accessories! Catchphrases! Puns! Animal Facts!

If you love the wacky hijinks of Honey Heist,  the adventures of Perry the Platypus from Phineas & Ferb, or the cozy adventures of the Octonauts, you'll love this game!

Declassified Files Include

  •  Full color PDF Core rulebook
  • Text Version (printer and E-reader friendly) Core rulebook
  • 24 Character sheets (color and print-friendly)
  • Cookie Criminal Mission

Guppy Edition (Coming Soon)

Ages 5-8 with adult supervision

Purchase the game at $6.99 to get the Guppy Edition, perfect for introducing very young children to TTRPGs. The Guppy Edition is simplified and streamlined to avoid overwhelming littles during character creation, and includes tips on running games for kids.

  • Full color PDF
  • text version
  • full color character sheets
  • printer-friendly character sheets (including printer blanks)
  • 25 page coloring Book (PDF and JPGs)


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this family-friendly game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MISSION Cookie Criminal.docx 21 kB
FI character sheets - print friendly.pdf 1 MB
FI character sheets - printer blank.pdf 35 kB
FI character sheets.pdf 1 MB
Fishin Impossible.pdf 2 MB
Fishin Impossible - Text only.docx 35 MB
FI Coloring Book.pdf 12 MB
if you pay $6.99 USD or more
FI Coloring Book JPGs.zip 5 MB
if you pay $6.99 USD or more


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Wow the community copies got snapped up quick! Is there any cahnce of a few mre becoming available? It's totally cool if not. I'd be happy to write a review and spread the word


of course, every time there's a purchase I'll add more! I'll try to remember to ping you next time I add them.

Thanks! I'd really appreciate it. Have a nice day :)


there are two more up!

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