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The Cerulean Sea needs your help! Join the Siren Squad, where you and your friends are rainbow mermaid secret agents. Summon adorable sea creatures, solve puzzles and explore for clues until you complete your Mission to keep the sea safe. This is a world where magic and technology intertwine, all sorts of fantastic sea creatures thrive, and friendship is the most powerful force of all.

Siren Squad is a cinematic game reminiscent of American Saturday morning cartoons where the heroes win and everything goes back to normal at the end of the episode. If you love the puny, light action of Totally Spies or Powerpuff Girls, the thematic characters of Streetsharks or Skylanders, or the off-the-wall adventures of Chalkzone and Ruby Gloom, you'll probably love this game.


One player facilitates play as the Director. The other 2-4 players are the Squad, working together as a team to save the day. Each Mission is different; you may find yourself competing in a challenge, saving a friend or stopping a foe, solving a puzzle or searching for clues. The game can be played in one session (4-6 hours) or in 3 Acts over 3 sessions. To play you will need at least six 8-sided dice (d8s), preferably with one die visually distinct from the others.

  • Number of Players: 3-5 (Including a Director)
  • Age: 10+
  • Play Time: 4-6 hours (easily done at once or split in 3 sessions)
  • Requirements: handful of D8s (beta), character sheet, pencil or PDF reader


All 24 Buddies you can summon to help you save the day


included with purchase


The text person of the game is finished, but there is still more to do! Final touches on editing, layout, and of course polishing up the worksheets. THERE ARE NOT YET PDF PLAYBOOKS, ONLY SHEET VERSIONS.

When finished, the bundle will include:

  1. Everything you need to learn the game and run your own missions (Full-color and printer-friendly PDF)
  2. Eight full-color character playbooks (Form-fillable and printer-friendly versions)
  3. Mission, Ally, and Baddie sheets for Directors (Form-fillable and printer-friendly versions)
  4. At least one mission
  5. Three premade Allies, theee premade Baddies, and three premade locations
  6. Full color token sets for the Sirens (8) and Buddies (24) to use on VTT

At the moment, the Mission, Buddy Abilities, Tokens, are not included. There is also only one version (rather than printer-friendly and full-color) to avoid having to do two layouts for the final. Please Let me know your thoughts on this beta and the final will be out soon!


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